Backtest ETF Strategies


Backtest ETF Portfolio

Test various portfolio allocation combinations. See how rebalancing rules have performed. Free!

Compare Portfolios

Compare the peformance of two different allocation combinations [Watch Video]

Regime Portfolios

Backtest using regime change to switch between different portfolio allocations [Read Blog]


Ratio MA Backtest

Test a strategy based on the relative performance of a Risk-On and Risk-Off ETF

Portfolio Ratio MA

Backtest ratio moving average strategies on your portfolios

Portfolio Ratio MA Timeline

Examine the Ratio MA history for each ETF in your portfolio


Imported Backtests

Import a list of ETF trades and backtest their performance

Moving Average

Backtest Moving Averages

Test moving average strategies on your chosen ETF. Use a single MA or 2 MA crossover. SMA or EMA. Free!

Portfolio Moving Average

Test daily or monthly moving average timing strategies on your portfolios [Read Blog]

Portfolio MA Timeline

View the MA strategy history for each ETF in your portfolio

Relative Strength

Backtest Relative Strength

See the results of rotating into the highest Relative Strength ETF over time. Free!

Portfolio Relative Strength

Test the performance of investing in your portfolio's top relative strength ETFs [Watch Video] [Read Blog]

Rel Str - Combine Portfolios

Backtest up to 100 ETFs across multiple user-created portfolio lists -- test long or short; top or bottom


Channel Backtest

Test a percentile channel trend following strategy on your chosen ETF Free!

Portfolio Channel

Backtest daily, weekly or monthly channel strategies on your portfolios. [Read Blog]

Portfolio Channel Timeline

Observe the channel strategy history for each ETF in your portfolio

Multiple Strategies

Advanced Ratio

Create and test a balanced strategy using ratios on 2 separate portfolios

Advanced Relative Strength

Test buying the top ETFs from up to 3 separate portfolios [Watch Video] [Slideshow]

Regime Relative Strength

Backtest employing relative strength rotation with a regime switch [Read Blog]


Diversify strategies by combining rebalanced core holdings with tactical relative strength satellites
Watch video: Understanding the ETFreplay backtesting layout
We also build custom backtesting apps