S&P 500 Consensus EPS As Of Aug 9 vs Same Point Prior Years

Aug 09, 2013 in Earnings | S&P 500


Growth for S&P 500 index earnings has been a little north of 6% on a Compounded Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) basis since 1999.


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Total Return Performance of Top 100 ETFs Taken As Its Own Portfolio

Aug 06, 2013 in ETF Multi-Asset 100

Following a -2.9% loss in June (and -7.7% drawdown -- peak to trough daily),  the ETF Top 100 rallied back +4.0% in July.  Year-to-date,  ETF investors in these 100 are up +$59.8 billion.   Investors have made nearly $32 billion in SPY & IVV (S&P 500) and lost -$22.8 billion in various gold-related products (GLD, IAU, GDX, GDXJ).

The multi-asset index is a composite based on actual ETF asset levels.   It is a good proxy for what is held by ETF investors in aggregate -- and is a basic proxy for one logical look based on the proportions ownded in each.  

Exchange-traded securities are for the most part baskets of securities (some are single commodities like Gold or Copper).  These baskets represent factors and your decision as an allocator of your assets is which factors you want to emphasize in your portfolio.   The ETF multi-asset 100 was created as an objective way to try to understand what it is that investors are preferring with their investments in general.  It is not a perfect measure, but it is a logical proxy for such preferences as it weights each asset by its dollar value.

Below is the Year-To-Date performance through July 31:

91 ETFs made money in July with 9 showing losses.   Hedge funds lost -1.3% in June when most ETFs dropped and gained +1.0% in July when most ETFs rallied.   The global hedge fund indexes are a mix of many different types of strategies and utilize many different assets. 


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