Checking In On The MSCI Momentum Index ETF: MTUM

Dec 04, 2018

The MSCI Momentum ETF (MTUM) rebalanced on Nov 30.   In the image below we look at a sampling of the rebalance -- comparing a basket of top buys vs a basket of what it sold out of and compare those for the trailing 12 months.  

The ETF uses a combination of 12-mo and 6-mo momentum as well as a 36-mo volatility factor.   All of these are of course drop-menu choices in all of our Relative Strength backtesting applicaitons.

As you observe the chart of the 2 baskets, it should be clear the difference is in the Buy Baskets (In Green) 6-mo difference -- as the 12-mo returns are not much different. The entire point of using the 2nd time period (6-Mo) as a factor is so that you capture some acceleration and importantly tilt away from decceleration.

 The image below uses the ETFreplay Compare Portfolios Backtest Application Module

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