Tracking A Robo Portfolio For YTD Performance Through the End of Q3 2017

Oct 02, 2017 in Robo

 YTD Performance for a major Robo portfolio that we entered into our Imported Backtests Module which will track any ETF portfolio you would like to track.  

We separately calculated the CONTRIBUTION of each of the major holdings.  While each account at a robo will show slightly different performance, the 13-F filings are a good way to have a non cherry-picked aggregate example.  Note that advisor fees that are on top of fund-level fees are excluded. 

 PDF download:  2017_0929_RoboB_Update_p.pdf (203.15 kb)

[Link to the tool in this blog (members): ETFreplay Imported Backtests Module ]

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Updated Robo Adviser 13F Performance

Nov 02, 2014 in Robo

One of the more entertaining things we've read about is how Robo advisers have some type of special algorithm for asset allocation.   This is nonsense.   As you can see from the chart below, using the 13F SEC filed holdings of a major Robo Adviser,  the return path is essentially identical to another popular allocation fund in our database.    These funds all are using the same basic asset allocation --- the line about having a special algorithm is just for marketing purposes.

Note that the Robo 13F portfolio has not included the adviser fees -- but does include the underlying fund fees.   Subtract the adviser fee from the 13F return to get the adjusted figure.


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Robo Advisor Performance Using 13F Holdings

Oct 03, 2014 in Robo Follow us on Follow etfreplay on Twitter


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