Bond ETF Year To Date Total Return

Jun 22, 2010 in Total Return

True leadership in bond ETF segments continues as new 6-month highs today in a number of key bond indexes. You must understand total return in order to properly understand this as price charts through standard websites do not track the total return of the indexes. New 3 & 6-month highs among many major bond ETFs -- here are two:



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ETF Segment Review: Total Return vs Price-Only Return

Mar 18, 2010 in Total Return
The history of the stock market is that dividends make up a material component of equity index returns.  The one exception being the decade of the 1990s, where there was massive P/E expansion that dwarfed the impact of dividends.

But there is a more fundamental point, as long as you are going to invest in something like an ETF, which tracks an underlying index, you might as well use accurate data of the underlying index, which is always TOTAL return. The 'price-only' ETF return found on financial charting websites like yahoo and google can be quite different than the underlying index TOTAL return.

Emerging Market Bond Index:

Pharmaceutical Stock Index:

Preferred Stock Index:

Real-Estate Investment Trust Index:

Investment-Grade Bond Index:

Utility Stock Index:


Total Returns (distribution adjusted) vs Price Returns

Mar 09, 2010 in Total Return

On the anniversary of the stock market low, these are trailing 12 month examples of how price charts that don't adjust for dividends & distributions are simply inaccurate for professional analysis. The total return for SPDR Junk Bond ETF (JNK) is over 20 percentage points better than its price return -- due to dividends. The Pharmaceuticals HOLDR (PPH) had 1) dividends and 2) a major payout distribution in 2009. If you are not watching total return, you are not getting the right impression in a chart.



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