A look at Ken Heebners CGM Focus Mutual Fund

Jan 23, 2010 in Mutual Funds

Ken Heebner is considered one of the very best fund managers in the country. But during this period of time, his fund was simply no different than the Brazil Fund ETF. This is an example of a fund manager exposing customers to a risk factor that they could have purchased in an ETF at a significantly lower fee. While Heebner should be credited for his outstanding long-term track record, his value-add -- like nearly all fund managers -- is in choosing broad risk expsosures, not 'stock-picking'. Moreover, he exposed customers to tremendous risk -- which could have been easily recognized if tracking his daily standard deviation of his funds returns -- as ETFreplay.com does.




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Jan 10, 2011 19:22 #

Nice comparison. So does this mean I can put other mutual funds in to compare returns ? If no, it sure would be a nice feature.

eric United States

Jan 17, 2011 21:19 #

I second the above comment. The ability to put mutual funds would be a terrific addition!!!

Sean Hashmi United States

Jan 21, 2011 16:39 #

We could do this --- but it would be a sizable project as there are some issues to work through regarding share classes and the timing of data etc...    

Which funds are you thinking of?    

Chris United States

Jan 23, 2011 01:26 #

Index funds from big companies like vanguard, etc.

Sean Hashmi United States

Apr 18, 2011 20:00 #

Wanting the learn how to get the most out of this site,  I am going back and reviewing these old blog entries.  I am particularly interested in following CGM and tried to plot  CGMF into a chart.  ETF Chart said that the data was not available.  Are you no longer tracking CGMF or is it not generally available to subscribers?

MWR United States

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