Bond ETF Year To Date Total Return

Jun 22, 2010 in Total Return

True leadership in bond ETF segments continues as new 6-month highs today in a number of key bond indexes. You must understand total return in order to properly understand this as price charts through standard websites do not track the total return of the indexes. New 3 & 6-month highs among many major bond ETFs -- here are two:



ETFreplay continues to work hard on new functionality and will continue to release new products so check back in. In the meantime, we have listened to users requests and have made a number of enhancements such as:

* Much improved printing in the charts and tables (on ETF Charts, note the user 'control' at bottom of page -- a check box option -- to set up page for printing with white background - it prints quite nicely).

* The moving average backtest now has choice of either daily or monthly moving average.

* We have updated the video for the Relative Strength Backtest page


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Jun 30, 2010 16:39 #

This is all great. However, a key statistic everyone looks at is total expense ratio of each ETF.

Gabriel K United States

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