ETF Total Return vs Price Return Chart Review

Aug 17, 2010 in Total Return

Given the markets strong preference for yield this summer -- witness repeated new highs in Corporate Bond Indexes, Preferred Stock Indexes, Master Limited Partnership (MLP) Indexes, High-Yield Bonds, Emerging Market Bonds etc...  we wanted to update some charts to show how the difference between total return and price return works out:

Longer-Term Treasury Bonds (TLT):

Utility Stocks (XLU):

Consumer Staples (XLP):

High-Yield Bonds (HYG):


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Aug 21, 2010 08:23 #

under which tab could we find this "total return vs. price return" screen?

linda United States

Aug 21, 2010 09:11 #

This isn't a public page as of now.  It needs some more interesting content before we add it to the public site.  We are bringing some good new functionality to market soon so stay tuned.

etfadmin United States

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