Best ETF Broker Offer Is Currently TD Ameritrade

Oct 29, 2010 in Screener

Per user requests, we have added a prepared list for the TD Ameritrade offer within the ETF screener.  Note that Ameritrade chose not to include many very popular ETFs such as Gold (GLD/IAU),  the Russell 2000 (IWM) and some Agriculture ETFs (DBA, MOO etc) -- among others.   They also did a few odd things like add the S&P 500 Value index but not the S&P 500 Growth index -- they added the MSCI Mega Cap 300 Growth index --- go figure. Nevertheless, the inclusion of many country and regional funds and an overall wide assortment makes this the most compelling offer yet.

Note that the ETF/ETN database covers roughly 500 products (including inverse/leveraged) and this results in coverage of 97% of overall ETF/ETN assets and >98% of ETF/ETN trading volume.

The bottom ~600+ ETFs make up just ~2% of overall assets and trading volume.   

While we will continue to add to our database, we will do so in a controlled manner so that we can continue to offer a product that acts as a filter for an otherwise problematic process.  As a Chartered Financial Analyst, experienced professional money manager and long-time user of financial databases, I think we understand the needs of the sophisticated investment analyst.  The team at will continue to work hard to deliver tools and techniques that leverage a process based on accurate data validation of total return and robust functionality within easy-to-use, browser-based applications.

Here is the snapshot of the Ameritrade ETF list and link to the screener page:


ETF Screener Link


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Nov 01, 2010 13:15 #

G R E A T  J O B!!! thank you for adding the Ameritrade 100 Free ETF's to your selected data base option.

Now i just have to hold each purchase for 30 Days min.


Patrick J McCabe United States

Feb 27, 2011 19:58 #

try which has flat fees unlimited etf

raju United States

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