Snapshot of Some Select Mid-Size ETF Managers

Jan 18, 2011

The exchange traded world currently sits at over 1,100 products --- and there are another 700+ in registration.  Assuming a number of closures this year offset a reasonable percentage of new ETFs,  1500 exchange traded products seems like a reasonably conservative estimate for where we are headed.


Below is a snapshot of a number of ETF firms and their assets at year end 2010 compared with assets on the same firms total assets December 31, 2005.   Note that I have intentionally excluded the bigger ETF players -- all of which have also grown massively over the same time period.  



$100 billion in assets now for these firms that had essentially zero five years ago.   Not bad for a period that included a recession and a financial crisis.


Here is a view of the last 18 months of growth for Market Vectors (owned by Van Eck).  



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Jan 18, 2011 22:33 #

Pension Fund Strategy:
My employer provides a fairly limited set of investment funds for my pension. Even so, here is the  strategy I'm using that makes the most of what is available. I created a four-fund portfolio using an ETF as proxy for each fund: International Stock (EFA), Small/Mid-Size US Stocks (IWM), Intermediate Bonds (AGG), and Short Term Fixed Income (SHY). I use a momentum strategy, 50% each in the top 2 funds, with the default monthly 40-30-30 formula, and hedge with a 12-month moving average. From 2003-2010 this has yielded an annual return of 10.3% with a 9.5% volatility and a max draw down of just 5.5%. Very respectable for such a limited set of funds to work with.

Jim United States

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