The Outperformance of Economically Sensitive Groups in Developed Markets

Feb 10, 2011


Divergences have developed in the marketplace.    There will be rotations ahead at some point but real-time relative strength analysis has greatly aided portfolio positioning.   These themes have been ongoing for months now:  Economically sensitive segments in developed markets (ie U.S. Industrials and U.S Energy) outperforming.   Inflation fears have caused India (INP, EPI) Brazil (EWZ,BRF) and other emerging markets to roll over.  The money flows show up in relative strength.   






Snapshot From Our Relative Strength Reader Application ( RS Reader Tools Page)


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Feb 12, 2011 03:22 #

Would be useful new functionality on this site to be able to easily copy an entire ETF category (eg Emerging Market ETF category) into a portfolio, in one go. That way, we could, for example, backtest this set very quickly, without having to look up and manually type each ETF symbol into a portfolio.

Paul Belgium

Mar 13, 2011 15:25 #

I am new to the site and cannot determine whether the percentages placed on individual ETFs in a specific portfolio are based upon dollar amounts or number of shares.  Can you clarify for me.

Thank you

Doug Holmes United States

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