Month of May For Gold (GLD ETF) vs Last 15 Years

May 18, 2011 in Gold

The Gold ETF (GLD) had something of a spike up into the end of April. Since that time GLD has corrected and is now -4.4% for the month of May (so far).

Since the ETF only has a price history from 2004, we wanted to show a few extra years to get a feel for GLD moves. We use the London PM Fix price prior to November 2004 and then use GLD thereafter.


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Compare this drawdown to Gold Stocks (GDX) --- which is consistently one of the most volatile ETFs among all the major ETFs.   GDX is currently -10% this month.    The GLD etf has only lost -10% in 1 month in the last ~15 years and that was October of 2008 -- which was an outlier month in many ways --- including the economy, gov't policy,  credit spreads etc....



Understanding relative drawdowns is important way to view risk.



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