Moving Averages Have Confirmed Trends

Aug 17, 2011 in Country Funds | moving average

Equity Indices have confirmed the loss in relative strength made a few months ago -- snapshots below:

Country Funds (note the different types of countries that were already in downtrends at or before last month-end:   Canada, Australia, China etc...)



Here are 25 Very Common Indices (of course, bonds and gold have been in bull markets):



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Aug 18, 2011 00:25 #

Chris, thanks for showing how powerful a simple moving averages can be – especially in a bear market.

What does “vs MA * ”  mean?  Buy-and-Hold vs MA  ?

Looking at “Portfolio Moving Average Timeline” 2008-11, MA: 10 month :
the MA worked really well e.g. for EWG  (Germany; Buy-and-Hold vs MA: -13.8%) or IWM (Russel 2000, -11.6%) ; but NOT e.g. for GLD (Gold, Buy-and-Hold vs MA +19.3%)  or SH (S&P short, +4.8%)

hugos Germany

Aug 18, 2011 00:50 #

'vs MA * ' is the current position of the ETF vs. its MA. The asterisk is for the footnote, which shows the calculation date.

Simon United States

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