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Jan 02, 2012 in Gold | Volatility

Since the Gold ETF (GLD) began trading, there have been 85 full months.    December of 2011 represented a  -2 Standard Deviation move down as the month ranked 83rd of the 85 in percentage return.  September 2011 was the second worst (84 / 85) at -11.1%.   GLD  dropped -3.8% for the quarter (Q4) and was +9.6% for 2011, completing its 7th consecutive up year.   The chart below uses the Monthly Returns page to rank all calendar month returns from low to high:


For fun, here is the date CNBC ran its special Gold Vault Visit video report.

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Jan 02, 2012 19:15 #

I'm interested in how the site calculates returns (6-month, 3-month, etc.) when using it for relative strength rankings... does it include dividends or just price?


amp United States

Jan 02, 2012 19:51 #

We use total return always --  which adjusts price return for dividends and capital gains distributions.    Indexes are always calculated using the total return method and ETFs represent indexes.    Price return is irrelevant when comparing 2 or more indexes.    Of course Gold doesn't pay any distributions so price return and total return are the same thing in this case:

Chris United States

Jan 03, 2012 18:48 #

Thanks for the quick reply, Chris.  I was asking in regard to ETFs in general.  Must be some differences in our data as I've been using Yahoo's adjusted price data, but occasionally (~5% of the time) getting different selections from my ETF portfolio based on only 6-month return.  Thanks for your help!

amp United States

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