ETF Ratio Backtest And Ratio MA Backtest For Portfolios

Apr 12, 2013 in Backtest

Ratio Moving Average backtest was a module we added in 2012.    We have since added Ratio MA Backtest for portfolios.    

Ratio Moving Strategies are good ways to do added research and help you gain comfort in how your portfolio is positioned.  We find that this type of analysis can add some perspective and can help think about some other options to fine-tune your actual entries and exits.   We outlined one way to use it here: Allocation ETF Overweight Example. 

We also recently added a slideshow to highlight our thinking on the layout of    That is located near bottom right of the Backtest Page.  


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Apr 15, 2013 08:58 #

In case anyone forgot your gold post:

As always, you write relevant, meantinful posts that make (or save) people money.

Adam United States

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