About ETFreplay.com

ETFreplay.com is a flexible web application focused on using market-generated information in combination with logical portfolio management techniques to enhance return and reduce risk in portfolios. The site is based on testable methods and techniques. We automatically hold various methods accountable by providing current day reports within our backtesting applications. Because it is an application and not a static website, reports are executed with the most recent up-to-date closing data upon your click.

The website was originally designed as an investment tool for a select group of professional money managers. Upon inspecting various architectural directions, the conclusion was that a browser-based application utilizing a hosted SQL-database worked best. Given the chosen architecture, there is no difference to running a site for a small number of users -- or for thousands of users. We therefore decided to open the website up to more than the originally targeted user-base.

ETFreplay.com is independently owned and has no affiliation with any ETF provider or brokerage. The site employs advanced processes for data validation of total return. Given our backgrounds, we understand many of the problems with financial databases. Many databases fill in data long after it occurs -- rather than when it is needed for decisions. By focusing on ~800 ETFs, we can focus our efforts on data quality rather than just another error-filled database of 15,000 securities. As of 2010, less than 500 ETFs have provided >98% of the trading ETF/ETN volume in the U.S. market.

Career experiences and degrees/designations of founders include: CFA Charterholder, econometrics, economics, buyside analyst, buyside portfolio manager, investment banking, institutional asset management, high net-worth asset management, website construction and professional trading.

If you have questions or comments, please contact us.