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ETF Relative Strength Screener

ETF Screener

Rank ETFs according to their relative strength
Backtest ETF strategies

Backtest ETFs

Build and test allocation, moving average and relative strength ETF investment strategies
ETF Tools

ETF Tools

Examine ETF dividend yield, correlation and volatility etc.
ETF Charts

ETF Charts

Compare the returns and volatility of up to 5 different Exchange Traded Funds


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ETF Advanced Relative Strength Backtest Discussion Video

An updated video for the Advanced Relative Strength Backtest (and we simultaneously provide a brief overview of ETFreplay as well in the beginning of this video). The public video below uses the following subscrib ...

Core-Satellite Demonstration. Combining 2 ETF strategies Into a Single Unified Module

In this video we demonstrate how to build 2 individual strategies and then easily combine them using the Core-Satellite backtest module. The public video below uses the following subscriber-only backtest ETFrepla ...

Example of the Core - Regime Relative Strength ETF Backtest Module

A video with a demonstration of the new Core-Regime RS Backtest module. The public video below uses the following subscriber-only backtest ETFreplay Core - Regime Relative Strength Backtest   [vimeo:28183 ...

ETF Relative Strength Industry Backtest

There is a LOT of action in industry ETFs and you don't have to worry about headline risk (news, earnings reports etc..