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ETF Relative Strength Screener

ETF Screener

Rank ETFs according to their relative strength
Backtest ETF strategies

Backtest ETFs

Build and test allocation, moving average and relative strength ETF investment strategies
ETF Tools

ETF Tools

Examine ETF dividend yield, correlation and volatility etc.
ETF Charts

ETF Charts

Compare the returns and volatility of up to 5 different Exchange Traded Funds


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Backtesting more than 25 securities at once on

A video showing how to backtest more than 25 securities at a time. The public video below uses the following subscriber-only backtest ETFreplay Relative Strength Backtest - Combine Portfolios   [vimeo:2754 ...

Example of the ETF Return vs Volatility Tool

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ETF Backtest Concepts - Relative Strength And The Use of a Moving Average Filter

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Video: ETF Regime Portfolios Backtest (Weekly) Using High-Yield Bonds

A video using the Regime Portfolios Backtest to check-in on using high-yield bonds as information into the state of the market.   [vimeo:260863482]  to expand video on screen, click the '4 expand ...