Custom Backtesting Applications has built a number of applications which are variations of those on the site. The website backtests represent what we believe are our most robust methods. However, they are necessarily constrained by having to accommodate a wide variety of users. Furthermore, given the vast number of ETF choices available and the range of settings/filters possible, there are just too many possible combinations for us to put on the site – the website would become cluttered and the tools would be too complicated for many users.

However, if you are an experienced (professional) investor and you are interested in having us build an application specifically tailored to your research needs, contact us and we will outline what would be required and quote a price. Free from many of the design and technical restrictions that come with building an application for universal use, a custom app can focus on exactly what you would like. Our existing infrastructure allows us to offer such solutions at reasonable cost.

Contact us for details.