ETF Tools

Basic Tools

ETF Charts

Compare the returns and volatility of up to 5 different Exchange Traded Funds. Free!

New Highs / Lows

List of ETFs making new highs and lows. Free!


Chart the rolling realized volatility of up to five ETFs. Free!


See how the relationship between two ETFs has varied over time. Free!

Dividend Yield

Compare the dividend yield of two ETFs. Free!

Total Return v Price Return

See the impact of dividend reinvestment - chart the difference between price return and total return. Free!

Advanced / Risk

Return vs. Volatility

Evaluate the risk / return performance of the ETFs in your portfolios over any time period

Down Day Stats

How have your ETFs performed on benchmark down days? [Read Blog]

Monthly Returns

What constitutes an outlier? See the range of monthly returns for your ETFs

Volatility Target Test

Test the concept of varying position size as volatility changes

Trend Quadrants

Assess how the ETFs in your portfolio are trending

Max Drawdown

See the max drawdown per calendar year of your chosen ETF

Tracking Error

See how closely the securities in your chosen list track the benchmark.

Relative Strength

Relative Strength Reader

See past and present changes in ETF relative strength. [Watch Video]

Portfolio Screener Ranks

See how your ETFs have ranked over time [Watch Video]

Sequential RS Screener

Rank your list of ETFs using a 2 step sequential process