Core-Satellite, Tracking Error, and Dashboard upgrades

We have added some new functionality to the Core-Satellite backtest, Tracking Error tool and Dashboard.



The Core-Satellite backtest has an updated look and the Hold Filter, which we recently added to the Portfolio RS and RS - Combine Portfolios, can now be applied to either (or both) of the satellites.


click image to view full size version

The appearance of the other parallel relative strength backtests, the sequential RS and various regime backtests has been similarly updated.


Tracking Error tool

The tracking error values now link through to the ETF charts page, which will automatically load the two securities over the specified duration and display their performance.


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We recently added a new Summary window option that displays the 1-Day, Year-To-Date, 2021 and 2020 Total Return of each security in your chosen list.


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