Category: Video

Video: Comparing Portfolios Introduction

A brief introduction to the versatile yet easy-to-use 'Compare Portfolios' application located on the backtest page


Video: Viewing ETF rotation using Portfolio Screener Ranks tool

ETF rotation is the focus of this video - showing how the Portfolio Screener Ranks tool can be used as an easy way to visualize leadership in custom ETF lists created by the user.

This video shows this new functionality by using recent news involving Bill Gross of Pimco and how relative strength LEADS the news.


Video: Using and Understanding the Portfolio Relative Strength Backtest

This video discusses some ideas related to our powerful new ETF Relative Strength Backtest. The key to understanding how it works is to understand its relationship with the ETF screener

Comments and feedback appreciated.



Video: Find Relative Strength Ideas -Then Integrate Ideas Into A Portfolio

4 minute video going over a few recent examples: